Taste of Belgium

Respect The Waffle!

Belgian people take their beers, their chocolate, their wacky political system and their waffles very seriously. At Taste of Belgium, there is nothing we take more seriously than our waffle. We have grown a lot since the first waffle we baked at the back of a produce store. We are proud today of all the amazing food that our chefs serve all day, every day. We have some amazing dishes, some of them even featured on national television, but none of this would have been possible without the waffle.

Each waffle is baked individually in a specialized cast iron press, just like they were centuries ago by master cooks in the city of Liège, Belgium. We have perfected an old family recipe, passed down for generations, to bring you the taste and authenticity of a true Belgian favorite. Unlike other waffles, they are made from thick dough and a coarse Belgian beet sugar that caramelizes inside the waffle iron.

The secret to a good waffle is a good waffle iron. We do not make a good waffle, we make the best waffle and our waffle deserved the best waffle iron.

After breaking a few, many, too many waffle irons, we decided to gather all those design flaws and limitations and build our own. We lined up our connections of aluminum welders, metal benders, cast iron pourers and with the help of a genius designer friend, we built the absolute sturdiest, most reliable (and definitely most expensive-ever-made) cast iron waffle maker.

This is the only equipment we use to bake our waffle.

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