Bubbles, the Tea & Juice Company

MEET ERIC- He’s a former bartender who can whip up a smoothie, pour a shot of wheat grass, stir up teas and still please a crowd. He’s super talented.
WHAT’S HIS RECIPE? Fresh ingredients, exotic flavors, masterful mixing and a great sense of humor.
HIS INSPIRATION? He won’t say. He’s a man of mystery. Or a smart alec. Or possibly both. Originally from Taiwan, his experiences with teas are vast and sophisticated.
HIS LATEST ADVENTURE? Evolving the menu to include seasonal and inspired items, plus indulging in a work vacation with a mostly as-yet-unplanned adventure to China.
WHERE CAN YOU FIND HIM? If he’s not behind the counter at the North Market Bubbles Tea & Juice Company you can find him at CoHatch in Worthington right next to the Worthington Bubbles store. He’s always working, coming up with new delicious products and ideas.

(614) 280-1400