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Cheese Reads

This week we are sharing some our favorite cheese reads. Whether you just want to have a random cheese fact stowed away in attempt to impress your foodie friends or really want to start making it on your own, we have gathered a few of our go-to reads right here.
For light reading and trends:

Culture Magazine is the ultimate publication for those who love cheese. This magazine is devoted to delivering the most innovative, eye-opening stories about the world’s many cheeses and cheesemakers. Within each issue, you can travel to gorgeous cheese regions, meet passionate makers and mongers, discover one-of-a-kind recipes, and even learn how to make your own cheeses. Each issue is a resource for readers of any background.
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CHEESE CONNOISSEUR is crafted with the educated, affluent, socially engaged and culturally active reader in mind; people that appreciate style and taste. Readers have a passionate interest for things unique in the areas of travel, entertaining, dining and cooking.
Intro to Cheese Making:

Gianaclis Caldwell perfectly explains the basics of cheese making in this book. Every serious home-scale artisan cheesemaker―even those just beginning to experiment―will want this book as their bible to take them from their first quick mozzarella to a French mimolette, and ultimately to designing their own unique cheeses.
Serious About Cheese Making:
Paul Kindstedt gets in depth with this book. For you serious readers! This comprehensive guide to farmstead cheese explains the diversity of cheeses in terms of historical animal husbandry, pastures, climate, preservation, and transport-all of which still contribute to the uniqueness of farm cheeses today.
And Just Because Our Last Option Was So Intense:

Who doesn’t love a good cheese joke?!! Whether you’re in need of a pungent pun or a holey howler, this book offers a full smorgasbord—from the downright immature to the truly vintage.


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