New Merchant Inquiry Form

Thank you for your interest in business opportunities at North Market. North Market has two locations: historic downtown and Bridge Park slated to open Spring 2020. The form below should be completed by business owners who would like to lease space at either location.

For short-term pop-up vending opportunities, please see the Pop-Up application and the Farmers’ Market (downtown) application.

North Market operates in a manner that is tried and true to the public market tradition. Over time, we have grown to be the premier destination for fresh, local, and high-quality artisan food.

We are always happy to accept inquiries from “Best in Class” businesses. The process to lease space within North Market is very competitive.

As you consider a business opportunity at North Market, please be aware of some criteria we are looking for in a potential business:

  • Food or food-oriented offering
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Artisan, high-quality, local, fresh ingredients
  • High-quality operation with excellent customer service
  • Code-compliant business operations
  • A traffic building business that complements the other businesses operating at North Market
  • Ventilation requirements for food preparation
  • Owner-operator involved and on site
  • Well-differentiated product line

Your submission will initially be reviewed by the North Market administration. You will be contacted by North Market administration only when it is determined that your application would be an excellent addition to the Market community; and there is an appropriate location available. We are unable to predict a timeline on this process. Your submission is only the first step in a multi-step process, and is not a guarantee that you will be offered to lease space.

Please complete your submission below to be considered.