The Market Team

The North Market Development Authority Board of Trustees – 2020

Protecting our heritage and preserving our legacy takes a village. Actually, in our case, it takes a group of dedicated individuals with a collective vision we call the North Market Development Authority Board. Bold denotes Executive Committee.

Tom McCormick, President

Nic Crum, Vice President

Adrienne Keves, Treasurer

Mike Beaumont, Secretary

John Ivanic, Member at Large

George Kauffman, Member at Large

Jeff Pongonis, Past President, Member at Large

Collin Castore, Merchant Representative

Alissa Amidon

David Babner

Joanne Goldhand

Mac Joseph

Cathy King

Adam Lewin

Brian Lindamood

Susan Cohen Ungar

The North Market Development Authority Staff – 2020

Rick Harrison Wolfe, Executive Director (contact)-
As Executive Director, Rick leads the historic North Market with a focus on being “best-in-class.”​ Annually, more than 1.5 million people visit North Market making it one of the most successful public markets in the country and a significant economic engine and attraction for Central Ohio. Rick strives to preserve the rich history of our Market and neighborhood while constantly moving forward to ensure a compelling, authentic and “best-in-class”​ experience.

  • Visionary (Strategic and Longterm Planning)
  • Creative Director
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Chief Fundraiser
  • Community and Government Liaison

Peggy Outcalt, Director of Operations Downtown Columbus (contact)-

  • Daily Facility Operations & Maintenance
  • Leasing
  • New Business Development
  • Special Event Rentals
  • Farmers’ Market

Meghan Brouillette, Director of Communications (contact)-

  • Marketing and Sponsorship opportunities
  • Media inquiries
  • Market Taste Tour scheduling

Molly Harris, Director of Operations & Leasing Bridge Park (contact)-

  • New Business Development
  • Merchant Leasing
  • Daily Facility Operations & Maintenance

Ryan Miller, Manager of Facility & Event Logistics (contact)-

  • Customer Service and General Information
  • Group Visits and Bulk Gift Certificate and Market Voucher Orders
  • Pop-Up Applications
  • Entertainment inquiries

Office Assistants:

Jordan Bernas

Courtney Brown

Akeema Johnson

Zenia Jones

Jillian Woltz

Chris Young