North Market is more than a place to purchase high-quality specialty foods. It is a social gathering point, a place of civic pride, a living example of a community of small, owner-operated businesses adding to the vibrant economic climate of our city. While the North Market is retail in nature, it is guided by “public goals.” Attracting shoppers to downtown, providing affordable retail opportunities for small businesses, and preserving local farming and farmland are all community benefits. Additionally, The Market creates a safe, inviting, and lively public space in our city. The byproduct of North Market is helping stimulate local economies by providing the opportunity for entrepreneurs to get a start in business; this is of particular benefit to women, minorities, and individuals of ethnic origin. In a challenging urban retail environment, The Market continues to provide a relevant and energizing shopping experience. North Market brings together a diverse group of both merchants and shoppers while contributing to the “social fabric” of our city. Did you also know it’s also a nonprofit organization?

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North Market Development Authority (NMDA) was created as a not-for-profit to assist in operating and maintaining North Market. In 1989 the NMDA assumed the daily operations of the Market with the main focus of the rehabilitation and maintenance of the Quonset Hut. Soon they found it was financially impractical to renovate the small, dilapidated structure. In 1992 the city purchased the former Advanced Thresher Farm Machinery Warehouse. NDMA leased the building from the city and spearheaded a capital campaign to raise funds to finance renovations. Today, NMDA is still responsible for the daily operations of North Market with the majority of its revenue coming from fundraising.

The North Market provides a multi-dimensional and multi-sensory experience for visitors; providing a welcoming atmosphere and a literal feast for the senses. It is an endearing place of goodwill that attracts and engages a cross section of the community. It is downtown’s own melting pot where cultures, traditions, and generations will gather for generations to come.