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Katzinger's Little Deli


Meet Diane Warren, Eric Dennison and Michelle Johnson.

Katzinger’s Little Delicatessen is owned by Diane Warren, Eric Dennison and Michelle Johnson. The three of us have worked together as a team since 2007 at Katzinger’s in German Village and Little Deli is our first ownership venture.

what's their recipe?

Katzinger’s Little Delicatessen will follow the same recipe that has kept our “big” German Village Katzinger’s busy, fun, and exciting for 30 years. We start with the food and that means the best quality ingredients - corned beef from Sy Ginsburg in Detroit, crusty breads from Mediterra bakery in Pittsburg, Emmenthaler Swiss cheese, homemade Russian dressing, secret recipe chicken salad, tuna salad, knishes and brownies - and that holds true for every item we sell. Then we add a sincere desire to serve our guests with the friendliness and thoughtful attention they deserve. We top it off with a healthy respect for the integrity of this little business that supplies an income for our staff, our suppliers, our community and our future.

their inspiration?

We are inspired by each other and by our guests. I know that sounds hokey but it’s true. We all have the same goal – to provide our guests and each other with a great Little Deli experience and we feed off each other’s energy and creative ideas to insure that happens.

their latest adventure?

For right now, we’re pretty enamored with the idea of Katzinger’s Little Delicatessen. Let’s get it going then see how we can continue to make it better and better

where can you find them?

Located behind North Market Cheese and across from Omega Artisan Bakery by the southwest entrance to North Market.

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