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Holy Smoke BBQ

Meet Stan.

He's a man who smokes a mean brisket and breast. Not to mention pork chops, wings and whatever else it strikes his fancy to throw in the smoker.

Holy Smoke BBQ is a Riley family affair with brother, Neil and sister, Amanda helping Stan run the business. And they know a thing or three about barbeque too!

what's his recipe?

Slow and low. His smoked meats slowly acquire a nice pink ring and retain their juices by spending just the right amount of time (and that's a long time) in the smoker.

his inspiration?

A wry sense of humor, and his sweet and spicy customers.

his latest adventure?

Taking full reign of a previously shared space and making it all his own.

where can you find him?

Slicing, dicing and barbecuing in the south central part of the Market between Heil's Family Deli and The Barrel and Bottle.

Stan Riley


Market News

The North Market will be closed
Easter Sunday, April 20