Market Hours 

Sunday - Monday: 10am - 5pm  
Tuesday - Saturday: 9am - 7pm

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Flavors of India

Meet Raj and Billan.

They are the quintessential merchant couple who have successfully built a loyal customer following while continuing to inspire new customers to chow down on their northern Indian cuisine.

what's their recipe?

Authentic Indian curries, abundant vegetarian dishes and working hard seven days a week.

their inspiration?

Their close-knit family and the decade spent in the restaurant and banquet business in New York.

their latest adventure?

Keeping their kids in college and helping North Market colleagues and customers get a bargain on just about anything and everything.

where can you find them?

On the Front Street side of the Market between Taste of Belgium and Market & Boar. Serving freshly made authentic Indian food and groceries daily.

Raj Brar

(614) 228-1955

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